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Black Seed Oil! 180 ml

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Strengthened immune response, improved digestive and respiratory health? Tell me more!*

Health Logics

What it does

  • Promotes healthy immune response*
  • Improves digestive health*
  • Promotes respiratory health*

How it works

  • Health Logics Black Cumin Seed Oil is cold pressed and hexane free, meaning no heat, chemical solvents, or alcohol is used to in the extraction process. Contains ZERO gluten, wheat, yeast, artificial ingredients, and preservatives.

How to take

  • Take one (1) teaspoon daily with meals or as directed by your healthcare provider.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Maria Cadena
Happiness starts with ...Black seed oil

After my surgery in 2005, my body stopped producing enzymes; needless to say, I had lots of gastrointestinal problems. I took various enzymes, but none helped. I always felt bloated & so tired. My sister introduced me to Black Seed Oil, and I thought "what can I lose" Well, I'm so happy I listened to her. No more stomach aches, feeling tired, bloatedness. Thank you so very much!!!

Deborah Hunter
Good stuff!

This product delivers as promised...

Deborah Hunter
Five Stars

It work wonders on my skin issues. I saw a difference in just two days.

An Ancient Elixir for Overall Body Health

Health Logics Black Seed Oil is rich in naturally occurring antioxidants Nigellone, TQ, and THQ (Thymoquinone and Thymohydroquinone). Black Seed Oil is also an excellent source of Omega 6 and 9 Fatty Acids. Our Black Seed Oil is made from only pure, virgin black cumin seed oil (Nigella sativa), extracted fresh by the traditional mechanical “cold-pressed” method, without the use of chemical solvents, or heat.*

Immune Support

Our Black Seed Oil is rich in antioxidants helping to support immune health by helping to flush the body of unwanted toxins.*

Digestive Support

Black seeds are traditionally used to support comfortable digestion due to their calming effect on the gut, leaving you feeling more confident in your digestive health.*

Respiratory Health

The antioxidant compounds found in black seed are nigellone and thymoquinone, which have been researched for their digestive and respiratory health promoting properties.*

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