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Beauty Rest!

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Healthy skin, hair, nails + improved sleep? Set my alarm!*

Health Logics

What it does

  • Promotes healthy skin, hair and nails*
  • Helps promote restful sleep*

How it works

  • Collagen I and III peptides promote healthy skin, nails, and overall joint health*
  • GABA is a natural calming effect that helps to promote sleep and improve mood*
  • Magnesium may help maintain overall health and wellness, and aid healthy sleep*

How to take

  • Simply add one scoop to water or juice, or add to your favorite smoothie before bed. Shake, blend, or bake!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Mixes well and tastes great

    I've been taking collagen supplements for a little over a year and was really excited to try this product. Every morning I mix a scoop with my coffee. This powder mixes well in coffee but I'm not sure how it would dissolve in cold beverages. It also tastes really good. Normally I use unflavored but the chocolate was a really nice treat. I don't ever use cream or sugar so this gave it a nice flavor. I think this is a decent value, pricewise, right in the mid-range. Great flavor at a good price, I would definitely purchase again.

    Love this Product!

    Wow, very glad I purchased Beauty Rest Collagen Powder. I have been looking for a collagen powder that contained beauty ingredients and I've had trouble staying asleep through the night, which I know is also causing stress on my skin. Thankfully, this formula had all of those elements combined into one single serving. Also, I love the packaging it really caught my eye.

    I have been mixing the powder at night time in my blender bottle. With a good few shakes, the collagen dissolves easily. I have had some bad experiences with clumpy collagen in the past, thankfully that wasn’t an issue here. It helped me sleep better so far. Melatonin gives me nightmares so I am glad it does not have that. It may be too soon to see the skin benefits, but I can tell the collagen is already making my knees feel better in the mornings. Overall, I am very happy!

    Self-Care Starts with Rest and Nutrition

    Include Beauty Rest! in your nighttime routine to revitalize your inner and outer beauty while promoting restful sleep.* The aging process naturally depletes our body's collagen production. Sleep is an essential part of maintaining beautiful, vibrant skin.*

    Enjoy Beauty Rest! as a way to promote sleep and help maintain your optimal health.*

    Collagen I & III Peptides

    Promotes healthy skin and nails.* Improves overall joint health.*


    A natural calming effect that helps to promote sleep and improve mood.*


    May help maintain overall health and wellness, and aid healthy sleep.*

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