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Clinical Trials

Beauty-from-Within Study 

The effects of visible signs of aging among healthy women were examined in this study.  Twenty-six women experiencing both natural and photo-aging in the face were given BioCell Collagen™ (1 g/day) for twelve weeks.  BioCell Collagen™ was well tolerated and demonstrated multi-layered mechanisms which included:

  1. Reduction of facial lines and wrinkles by 13%
  2. Reduction of dryness and skin scaling by 76%
  3. Increase in collagen content (type I / III) in the dermis by up to 3.5%
  4. Enhancement of dermal blood microcirculation by up to 15% 

The majority of the study participants experienced improved skin texture as well as enhanced moisture and reduced dryness/scaling in their face.  The study outcome was published in The Clinical Interventions in Aging (2012).

Conclusion: BioCell Collagen™ is safe and effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles and also increasing skin hydration, leading to healthier and younger-looking skin.


Joint Health Study

The safety and efficacy of BioCell Collagen™ in promoting joint comfort and mobility of the hips and/or knees was investigated.  In this study, 80 people were given BioCell Collagen™ (2 g/day) or a placebo for 70 days. BioCell Collagen was well tolerated and, as compared to the placebo, significantly promoted joint comfort and mobility, confirming the safety and efficacy shown in an earlier clinical trial.  As a result, 71% of subjects taking BioCell Collagen™ experienced a benefit at the end of the study. The outcome of this study was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (2012).

These results corroborated the results of an earlier double-blind placebo controlled trial tested on sixteen people.  As compared to the placebo, BioCell Collagen™ significantly promoted joint comfort by as much as 40% at the conclusion of the study.  The study details were presented in 2004 at the international conference of Experimental Biology in Washington D.C. 

Conclusion: BioCell Collagen™ is safe and effective in promoting comfort,  mobility and improving quality of life.

Safety Study


Two oral toxicity studies were conducted to evaluate the safety of BioCell Collagen™.  First, the degree of acute toxicity was examined on male and female test subjects over a two-week period.  All test subjects survived and exhibited normal body functions throughout the test period.  In a sub-chronic toxicity study, forty test subjects of each gender were given varying dosages up to 33 times the human recommended dose of BioCell Collagen™ over a 90-day period.  Again, all test subjects survived and showed no significant tissue changes. 

Conclusion: BioCell Collagen™ was well tolerated at all doses tested.