This Home Workout Will Improve The Way You Move

This Home Workout Will Improve The Way You Move

Try this 40-minute full-body workout from studio Digme.

If you’ve embarked on a January fitness kick but can’t face going to a jam-packed gym for your workouts, give this terrific full-body routine a go at home instead.

The 40-minute workout is designed by Dan Little, head of fitness at London studio Digme and the brains behind the Matrix workout, which is broken down into three main sections – Run, Condition and Move – to challenge you in a variety of ways. The workout below is built along similar lines, but shorter than a full Matrix session and made up entirely of bodyweight exercises so you can do it anywhere.

Warm Up

Hip swing

Time 30sec

“Start in a downward dog position with your hands and feet on the floor and your hips raised,” say Little. “Drop your hips and extend your spine. Repeat at a steady and controlled pace.”

Deep squat hold

Time 30sec

“Keeping your feet flat on the floor, drop into a deep squat,” says Little. “Allow your elbows to rest on your knee and gently move from side to side and forwards and back, rocking your body and allowing your hips, knees and lower back to open.”


Time 30sec

“From a press-up position, raise one arm straight up and lower it and then the other, allowing the body to rotate, and opening up your spine and chest,” says Little.


Do two rounds of the below, focusing on your form in round one, then aiming for speed and power second time around. There are four sections – cardio, conditioning, move and dig – which you move through sequentially to complete one round. The first three sections consist of four exercises done back to back, while dig is your finisher where you cram in as many reps of one exercise as possible in a minute.


1 Triple run

Time 1min Rest 0sec

Run on the spot, moving your feet in the following pattern – right, left, hold right, left, right, hold left.

“This quick action combines co-ordination and power while raising the heart rate and body temperature,” says Little.

2 Mountain climber

Time 1min Rest 0sec

“Get into a press-up position and drive your knees up to your chest one at a time in a low running action,” says Little. “This is brilliant for raising the heart rate and torching calories.”

3 Skater jump

Time 1min Rest 0sec

“This dynamic lateral movement is great for developing power and dealing with direction changes at a fast pace,” says Little.

Leap from side to side, keeping your back foot raised.

4 Groiner

Time 1min Rest 20sec

“Get into a press-up position, then bring your right foot forwards and place it outside the right hand, opening up the hips,” says Little. “Take it back, then repeat with the opposite leg and continue to alternate.”


5 Spider-Man press-up

Time 1min Rest 0sec

Start in a standard press-up position. As you lower your chest to the floor, bring one knee up towards your elbow. Bring the other knee up on the next press-up.

6 Renegade row

Time 1min Rest 0sec

From a press-up position, bring your right elbow upwards, keeping your arm close to your body, then repeat with your left arm.

“Focus on gently squeezing the shoulder blades through each action and maintain a strong core and steady hips,” says Little.

7 Alternating forward/reverse lunge

Time 1min Rest 0sec

From standing, step forwards into a lunge and lower till both knees are bent at 90°. Then powerfully drive back up through your front foot and step that same leg back into a reverse lunge. Return to standing and repeat on the other leg.

8 Thruster

Time 1min Rest 20sec

“The mother of all lower-body mobility movements.” says Little. “It creates maximum mobilisation with a terrific burn.”

Stand with your legs hip-width apart. Drop into a squat with your arms up by your shoulders. As you drive back up, push your arms straight up.


9 Front squat

Time 1min Rest 0sec

“Place your elbows on your knees and drop into a deep squat,” says Little. “Then drive your hips back up while keeping your elbows in contact with your knees.”

10 Inchworm

Time 1min Rest 0sec

“From a standing position, bend at the hips and touch your toes,” says Little. “Slowly walk the hands out as far as possible, then walk them back to your toes and stand back up again.”

11 Divebomber press-up

Time 1min Rest 0sec

“This is a hugely effective upper-body movement that takes the body through full shoulder mobility while demanding strength and control,” says Little. “Start in a press-up position, then dive downwards head first and glide along the surface of the floor without touching it until you are in a yoga-style back extension position. Reverse the movement to a downward dog and repeat.”

12 Sit-out

Time 1min Rest 20sec

“From a press-up position take one leg underneath the body and out to the side while dropping your hip down to the floor,” says Little. “Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side in a fluid action.”


13 Burpee

Time 1min Rest  2min

From a standing position, drop into a crouch and place your hands next to your feet, then jump your feet back so you end in a press-up position. Then jump your feet forwards, stand up and jump, raising your hands above your head. Do as many as you can in the time and remember your total – you’ll be trying to beat it in round two.

Warm Down

Once you’ve done both rounds of the workout, hopefully smashing your burpee tally second time around, it’s time to warm down.

"This is the most important part of your workout, where you slow the body down and enjoy that sense of achievement,” says Little.

Mindful breathing

Time 1min

“Lie on your back, close your eyes and control your breathing,” says Little. “Take a long, slow inhale, allowing your chest to rise, and exhale through pursed lips.”

Pigeon pose

Time 30sec each side

“Start on all fours,” says Little. “Bring your right knee towards your right hand and tuck your leg underneath your body by bringing your right ankle towards your left hand so that your shin is sitting flat on the floor and your right leg is bent at 90°. Gently lean forwards, bringing your chest down towards your knee, to feel the stretch through your hips.”

Hip opener

Time 30sec each side

“From a press-up position, step your right foot to the outside of your right hand and then raise your right hand,” says Little. “Enjoy some long, deep breaths while opening up the body and hips. Repeat on the other side.”

Downward dog

Time 1min

“From a press-up position, push your hips up and back, and feel a great stretch through the back of your legs,” says Little. “Hold the stretch for as long as possible, taking rests throughout the minute if needed.”

Deep squat hold

Time 1min

“Stand with your feet a little wider than hip-width apart,” says Little. “Drop into a deep squat position and hold it, making sure you keep your feet flat on the floor. Take as many breaks as you need throughout the minute.”

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