How to Stay Youthful & Beautiful?


Staying youthful and beautiful—A woman’s dream

Staying young and beautiful forever is a dream that most of the women have. It sucks when you realize that young, beautiful cute girl you were once admiring in the mirror turned into an old lady and lost her beauty and youth, fine lines and wrinkles grow, skin sags and gets dry.Looking young and beautiful naturally is important, as it is a sign of vitality and splendor. Unfortunately, when most of the women get into their 30s and up, their estrogen level begin to decline which particularly affects aging. Estrogen is the female hormone, which affects skin thickness, winkle formation and skin moisture. The reason estrogen has a very powerful role in the promotion of our elastic glue is that it contains collagen. Collagen improves the skin’s elasticity which provides finesse,beauty and suppleness.

Collagen plays such an important role in maintaining natural beauty as it could also be found in some of the cosmetic products. They promise wrinkle-reducing, age-defying results. But, can they? Most of these products are structurally too dense to readily enter our skin, even when they are absorbable they would sadly still stay on the surface of our skin and do nothing! No wonder some individuals  would question the cosmetic company’s claims and promises.


How to obtain collagen?

Collagen levels could be affected seriously by bad life style habits. For example, smoking, too much sun, poor nutrition, stress and poor hydration affects collagen levels. Check yourself if you happen to come across any of the items listed above. Keeping a distance from these life style habits is very important for maintaining your youth and beauty. Besides these, eating foods that improve collagen in skin is not a bad idea. For instance, cabbage, avocado, soy products and red fruits contain collagen producing agents. Eating these food frequently could help increase collagen production slowly. And could you still promise yourself keep doing it all the time even when you get busy or depressed or don’t really like those food? 


Beauty from within (What could collagen do)

What could we do to maintain our collagen level and help our skin look strong, healthy and silky? A fast and efficient way is to maintain necessary collagen for your body through the collagen supplements. Some of the collagen products such as Health Logics’ BioCell Collagen has already been clinically proven to be effective and fast acting. The reason why it could bring the results is that it uses a natural synergy of pure hydrolyzed collagen. After the collagen molecule processes “Hydrolysis”, it becomes smaller from its native/undenatured state and increases its bioavailability. In other words,the smaller the molecule, the faster the absorption into the body. Thus, one of the customers shared how quickly and effectively BioCell Collagen helped changing her life amazingly on social media. And yes, that’s what BioCell Collagen could do for your body. Look at her selfie and find out how collagen helped her with her youth and beauty.


No matter how much we want to retain our youth and beauty, it is the reality that it is finite. However, we are lucky to live in the new technology age. In this day and age, we could show the world that nothing is impossible if you want it.


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