Defend Yourself from Seasonal Allergies


Did you know that Black Seed has been used for over 2000 years as people experience diverse health benefits. Among the benefits, scientific data suggests that black seed may help improve the immune system, especially related to the respiratory system to lessen misery of indoor and outdoor seasonal allergies. People who took black seed were shown to have reduced levels of immunoglobulin E leading to decrease in the release of allergic chemicals. Health Logics’ 100% natural Black Cumin Seed Oil can help you maintain cleaner, healthier sinus.

The key ingredient in black seed oil is Thymoquinone.  It has been shown to help control the production of immune proteins that lead to the sensation of allergy symptoms.  The surge of immune cells can lead to an increase in histamine-releasing cells, which in turn leads you to sneeze and blow your nose.  

The results of the study on Thymoquinone were truly eye-opening:

  1. The score of subjective allergy symptoms improved in all four studies.
  2. Plasma triglycerides decreased and HDL cholesterol increased.
  3. Cortisol levels and ACTH release remained unchanged.  

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Source: "Fighting Against Seasonal Allergies" by Dr. Michael A. Smith, MD.  March 26, 2014




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