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i-Sabi Wasabi Supplement 60 Capsules



Wasabi is widely known for being a condiment to sushi and for its sharp distinctive flavor. What most sushi lovers may not know are the many health benefits that authentic wasabi possesses. Unfortunately due to the expensive nature of harvesting authentic wasabi (botanical name Wasabia japonica), most commercially available products sold as "wasabi" are imitation and made from western horseradish with added food coloring. Now recognized as more than a fiery condiment, wasabia japonica has been found to contain potent phytochemicals called isothiocyanates (ITCs) which have many health promoting properties such as inhibiting the negative effects from exposure to carcinogens, toxins and pollutants like tobacco, excessive UV rays and alcohol. 


i-Sabi™ is a natural dietary supplement made from the rhizomes of pure wasabia japonica. iSabi™ provides a full spectrum of ITCs that supports your immune system, detoxifies and maintains healthy liver function, and provides strong antioxidant activity for cellular health. iSabi is trademarked "The Master Switch to Wellness" given its ability to stimulate Nrf-2, a genomic master switch that induces a set of genes that are involved in the protection of cells against various stresses and damage. iSabi is laboratory tested and has been shown to exhibit the following properties:

  • Supports Liver Health and Detoxification
  • Supports Healthy Immune Function
  • Supports Brain Health
  • Supports Cellular Health
  • Antioxidant Support 


Everyday we are being exposed to toxins. Toxins are all around us. They are in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the foods we consume, and the products that we use. Toxins are compounded by cigarette smoke, drinking alcohol and excessive sun exposure. They can build up in our body and cause cellular damage to vital organs such as the liver which functions to eliminate toxins from our bodies. 

The liver is the largest internal organ of the body and is the premier detoxification site. The liver performs different functions such as absorbing and converting certain nutrients responsible for important activities such as metabolism, energy, and the crucial role of filtering toxins. A healthy liver is essential to good health. An impaired liver can cause many problems that can have a cascading effect in your body. 


To ensure wasabi health benefits i-Sabi™ delivers 12,000ppm of isothiocyanates and is structurally, a more potent form of Wasabia Japonica. i-Sabi is made from the finest and purest harvest available, having the leaves carefully removed from the rhizome so the maximum levels of beneficial components are preserved. 



Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Servings Per Container: 30


                                          Amount Per Serving      

Wasabia japonica (rhizome)             400 mg*

*Daily Value not established

1. Is the Wasabia used in i-Sabi the same as you eat with sushi?  Yes, it is made from the finest and purest harvest available.

2. Is i-Sabi hot to the taste like regular Wasabi?  No, it is not.

3. For how long should you take i-Sabi?  You can take i-Sabi for however long you would like.